Cosmopelican trip

What is a Cosmopelican trip? 

A Cosmopelican trip is a tailor made trip or honeymoon with or without our yoga butler Noor. Since 2013 she organizes trips to various places all over the planet and it’s always a lot of fun! She loves to encourage people to leave their comfort zone and try the unknown, be prepared!

Dare to ask The Cosmopelican to put a trip together and… be a bird, be a pelican!

“Noor is delightful and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the city. She was even able to find wonderful restaurants in a city not known for its food. Highly recommended.”

“Noor is a dynamic person and knows how to organize a trip. Afterwards I am sure you had the greatest fun and have to admit you could have not figured out a trip that fun yourself.”

Why would I ask Cosmopelican to put a trip together? 

Cosmopelican fills the gap for some wonderful people between making use of a travel agency and to plan a trip solely yourself.  You might otherwise spend hours searching the web trying to find the ultimate experience, which is time consuming and the result is not always up to the expectations. To have a Pelican on your trip is the cherry on the cake.

How does it work? 

It’s très simple! Just ask… give a budget and go for it. We promise to send you something truly amazing within your budget.

For example, let’s go to Amsterdam! Why?

We love Amsterdam, it’s our hometown. We know the hotspots in town: food, drinks, dance. Just soak up the enchanting atmosphere of Amsterdam or let us know your cultural wishes. By the way, did you know we have two photography museums and a… Cat Cabinet? 😉

We have all the connections in town, no worries, whatever you like to do, we can make it happen. Especially if you aim for a trip off the beaten track, you are an expat, or you just have been to Amsterdam before (or way too many times) and stuck to the mainstream, let us inspire you.

In short, we can’t wait to make your trip to Amsterdam beyond your wildest dreams.

See you soon!

Be a bird, be a Pelican